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The Paradox of the EU-Turkey Refugee Deal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, centre, accompanied by EU Council President Donald Tusk, 2rd right, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, right, poses for pictures during a visit at the Nizip refugee camp in Gaziantep province, southeastern Turkey, Saturday, April 23, 2016.

The EU-Turkey refugee agreement: A review | Europe| News

Increased EU resettlement from Turkey should not be at the expense of the resettlement of other refugee populations around the world who also have great needs – especially in today’s context of record forced displacement worldwide.

Migrant crisis: EU-Turkey deal comes into effect - BBC News

Agreement means all those arriving in Greece from Sunday can expect to be returned to Turkey

The EU-Turkey Refugee Deal | Public Seminar

Relations with Turkey significantly deteriorated after the a payment of roughly six billion euros. Of these funds, roughly three billion euros was earmarked to support Syrian refugee communities living in Turkey. By the end of 2017, the EU-Turkey deal had been successful in limiting irregular migration into Europe through Turkey. However, there are still many doubts about the

EU Law Analysis: The final EU/Turkey refugee deal: a legal

The vexed migrant deal between Turkey and the EU to alleviate the refugee flows into Europe will be in jeopardy if Brussels fails to agree on the new visa liberalization scheme to be submitted by Ankara in May, the Turkish Minister for EU Affairs has said.

UNHCR on the European Union and Turkey Deal

On Monday, Turkey offered to take back all refugees and migrants who cross into Europe from its soil in return for more money, faster EU membership talks and quicker visa-free travel for Turks.

EU and Turkey reach refugee deal – POLITICO

The EUs refugee agreement with Turkey has been in force for two years. It was signed on March 18, 2016, in an attempt to solve one of Europes most pressing problems: the enormous influx of refugees.

EU-Turkey refugee deal – Q&A | World news | The Guardian

turkey refugee deal

As European governments rapidly turn their attention to the implementation of the EU-Turkey agreement, observers have raised serious questions regarding whether the deal itself is legal, and more importantly, if …

Turkey will halt refugee deal if EU rejects Ankara’s new

turkey refugee deal

The dark side of the EU-Turkey refugee deal. If the refugees are a cause of crisis, how does the EU imagine that offloading them to Turkey is any less of a crisis?

The EU-Turkey deal: Europes year of shame | Amnesty

turkey refugee deal

European leaders signed a sweeping refugee pact with Turkey Friday, securing a hard-fought deal they hope will reduce the flow of asylum-seekers into the EU and calm a crisis that has tested the bloc’s unity like nothing in its 65-year history.

European Union–Turkey relations - Wikipedia

turkey refugee deal

The E.U.-Turkey deal was initially spelled out last October, when it was known as “The Merkel Plan.” This was during the same period in which E.U. commissioner Jean-Claude Junker brought up the idea of Greek-Turkish joint patrols on the Aegean Sea to implement the scheme.

Rights group: EU should rethink Turkey refugee deal

turkey refugee deal

The EU deal with Turkey to tackle the migrant crisis formally comes into effect, but Greece warns moves designed to stem the flow across the Aegean will take time.

UN says EU-Turkey refugee deal would violate law | Turkey

turkey refugee deal

The EU and Turkey have now reached an agreement on refugee issues, which has aroused considerable legal and political controversy. To examine the arguments about the deal, I present here the main text with my legal assessment of each point annotated.

Refugee crisis: What does the EUs deal with Turkey mean

On 18 March, following on from the EU-Turkey Joint Action Plan activated on 29 November 2015 and the 7 March EU-Turkey statement, the European Union and Turkey decided to end the irregular migration from Turkey to the EU. Yesterdays Statement targets …